Charter a Hawker 900 - Private Jet Charter

The midsize jet with range and comfort ideal for business use.

Overview Summary

The Hawker 900XP is the best-selling midsized business jet in the world and is a versatile and stylish aircraft. The Hawker 900XP offers increased hot/high-altitude takeoff, climb and cruise performance as well as a 6.9 percent range increase over the Hawker 850XP, by using enhanced winglets and powerful new Honeywell TFE731-50R engines.


  • Excellent flight range for a medium jet
  • Impressive payload capability
  • Heated luggage compartment
  • Washroom

Comfort & Size

The cabin of the Hawker 900XP can hold up to eleven passengers. The aircraft includes a pressurised and heated luggage area which can fit golf clubs and skis.


ManufacturerHawker Beechcraft
Luggage Capacity49 cu.ft.
ModelHawker 900/900XP
Speed440 kts
Interior Height1.75 m
Purchase Price$16 000 000
ClassificationMedium Jet
Range2500 nm
Interior Width1.7 m



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