Charter a Citation VI - Private Jet Charter

The Citation VI was offered as a low cost development of the III with a different avionics package and a standard interior layout, with customised interiors unavailable. First flight of the Citation VI took place in 1991 but only 39 were built when production was wound up in May 1995.

Overview Summary

In short, Cessna set out to build a private jet that would improve upon its predecessor and reduce acquisition and operating cost. The resulting Citation VI is a low-priced business jet that delivers comfortable travel accommodations, economic operating costs, and good speed and range capabilities.


  • Hot and cold drink facility
  • 8 Seat configuration
  • Built in restroom
  • Fully equipped mini bar

Comfort & Size

The interior of the Citation VI is identical to the cabin of the Citation III: it is 5.7 feet high, 5.50 feet wide, and 18.4 feet long, which total to a volume of 438 cubic feet.
The interior design is standardized in a double-club configuration.
There is an available 61 cubic feet of baggage space.


Luggage Capacity3200
Speed57 cu.ft.
Interior HeightCitation VI
Purchase Price407 kts
Classification1.68 m
Interior WidthMidsize Jet