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Charter a Citation Latitude - Private Jet Charter

The Citation Latitude is Cessna's newest mid-sized jet, plugging the gap between the XLS+ and the Sovereign

Overview Summary

The Latitude is a mid-sized business jet from Cessna, larger than the Citation XLS+ but more cost-effective than the Citation Sovereign. After listening to customer feedback, Cessna designed this aircraft to have a taller and wider cabin than any others in the Citation range. The aircraft is capable of flying longer trips across Europe, or from Los Angeles to Washington DC without a fuel stop.
The Citation Latitude was certified in June 2015 and is now growing in availability on the global charter market.


  • A 'game-changer' in mid-sized aircraft
  • The widest and tallest Citation jet to date
  • High spec, spacious VIP cabin
  • Growing in availability and popularity on the charter market

Comfort & Size

With a highly advanced interior, the Latitude fits 8 passengers in a very spacious and luxurious cabin, for flights of up to 5 hours. It offers new levels of cabin comfort, with ergonomic seating and high-spec entertainment options, plus a state-of-the-art galley.


Luggage Capacity3200
Speed90 cu.ft.
Interior HeightCitation Latitude
Purchase Price440 kts
Classification1.83 m
Range$16 000 000
Interior WidthMidsize Jet