Charter a 1124 Westwind/Westwind1/Westwind2 - Private Jet Charter

Classic medium jet

Overview Summary

The Westwind started life as the Aero Commander 1121 Jet Commander or Commodore Jet, a General Electric CJ610 turbojet powered small executive jet based on Aero Commander's successful piston and turboprop twin line.

In 1980, a final round of modifications were made to the Westwind design, including a new wing centre-section and the addition of winglets to the tips. A large number of interior changes were also made, and the revamped aircraft was called the Westwind II, replacing the original design in production. IAI built its last Westwind in 1987, after a total of 244 had been built.


  • Up to 7 seat capacity
  • Hot and cold drink and food facility
  • Spacious baggage compartment
  • Toilet

Comfort & Size

The pressurized cabin can seat up to seven passengers. The interior arrangement can be altered to suit every customers requirements and needs. The cabin is heated, pressurised and has superior leather seats similar to many other jets in this range.


Luggage Capacity60 cu.ft.
Model1124 Westwind
Speed415 kts
Interior Height1.43 m
Purchase Price$1 500 000
ClassificationMedium Jet
Range1800 nm
Interior Width1.43 m



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