Charter a Challenger 650 - Private Jet Charter

Upgraded version of Bombardier's Challenger 605

Overview Summary

Bombardier developed the Challenger 650 as an upgraded version of the Challenger 605.

The Challenger 650 offers a wider cabin, with large windows.

The aircraft has a long range and can fly from London to New York, but also has steep approach certification which means it can use more challenging airports such as London City or Aspen.


  • Spacious cabin
  • Separate lavatory
  • Long range
  • Steep approach certification - offering access to airports including London City

Comfort & Size

The cabin is one of the widest in this aircraft group, which can seat up to 12 passengers.

The large windows let in more light to the cabin.

There is an in cabin baggage area offering passengers access to luggage throughout the flight.


ModelChallenger 650
ClassificationHeavy Jet
Speed455 kts
Range4000 nm
Luggage CapacityN/A
Interior Heightnull m
Interior Widthnull m