How much does it cost to fly by private jet?

The price of a private jet flight is something that interests everybody - it's the question that we get asked most often at PrivateFly: "How much does it cost to fly by private jet from x to y?". This is really why PrivateFly was started in the first place, to make it much quicker, easier and more cost-effective to fly by private jet. 

As part of our series of video FAQs about the private jet market, we tackle this question of private jet charter pricing. So watch this video to find out how much it really does cost to fly by private jet!

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Q: How much does it cost to fly by private jet?

A: Price is based on the size of the aircraft and the flight time. It can cost as little $2000 dollars / £1,500 pounds per hour in a small jet.

PrivateFly prices are all-inclusive: airport fees, tax, catering - there’s no hidden cost. A typical route from Paris to Geneva or LA to Las Vegas would cost around $6000 or £5,000 for 6 people in a small jet. (Read more: Most popular private jet routes in Europe)

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