Dornier 328

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All eyes on the Dornier 328

When the first Dornier 328 entered service in 1993, the airline industry was in the middle of a change. Airlines started to phase out aircraft which had around 50 seats and replaced them with larger types to increase the efficiency of their regional networks. So the 33 seat Dornier 328 was launched to target a niche private charter market.

Today, there are only few airlines left operating the Dornier 328 on scheduled services. However within the VIP and corporate charter market, the Dornier 328 is as popular as ever amongst private jet users.

PrivateFly takes a close look at this unique aircraft design on the charter market.

The choice for VIP group charters

Dornier 328's 33 seat capacity fills a genuine gap within the charter market. Even some of the largest private jets only offer 15 seats, and regional airliners generally offer 40 seats or more.

Many of the Dornier 328's interiors have been fitted with Executive VIP interiors. Cabin layouts range from 12 to a maximum of 26 executive seats. The Dornier 328 benefits from one of the widest cabins in its class and offers a superior level of luxury and passenger comfort.

It's a popular aircraft to charter for sports teams, cost effective, yet with the perfect amount of VIP comfort for larger groups.

Jet or Prop? The 328 offers a choice

The Dornier 328 is available with a choice of two entirely different propulsion concepts: turboprop or jet engine powered. The 'standard' Dornier 328-100 is equipped with two turboprop engines, making the aircraft surprisingly cost-effective on shorter routes.

The Dornier 328JET (introduced in 1997) is powered by two jet engines, making it up to 170 miles per hour faster than the turboprop version, and extending its non-stop range to 1 480 Km for transcontinental journeys.

Talent at many locations

Besides its unique cabin design, the Dornier 328 can offer operational advantages (compared to larger private jets that have been predominantly designed for transatlantic travel). On continental routes the Dornier 328 offers a cost effective private charter option. It can also operate out of short runways and is certified to use airfields such as London City.

The Dornier 328 on the PrivateFly Network

The PrivateFly network has direct access to more than 40 Dornier 328 VIP aircraft available across Europe. To discuss your individual group charter requirements please call our 24 hour operations team on +44 (0)20 7100 6960.

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